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About Us

About Our Firm

At Jansey & Co., Ltd., we believe in the value of relationships.  We view every client relationship as a unique partnership.  We truly believe that our success is a result of our clients’ success.  We are committed to providing close, personal attention and accessibility to our clients.

Typically we work with our clients over the long haul, so we get to know each person and each business and the challenges they face.  When you are a Jansey client and have a question or a concern, just call or email, and you will have our prompt attention and an answer, usually the same day.

We work with individual and business clients in the areas of accounting, audit, tax and management advisory services.  Most of our business comes from the referral of satisfied clients.  If you are one of them, we thank you.  If not, we would welcome the opportunity to make you one of them.

The Jansey Solution

At Jansey & Co., Ltd., we are solvers of puzzles.  That’s the nature of the challenge, fun and satisfaction of the work we do for our clients.  We may be helping someone with all the aspects to be considered in setting up a new business.  Or counseling a retiring business owner in selling his or her successful business.  We may be preparing a tax return, or analyzing income and expense projections to estimate future tax liability.  Or we may be helping a client faced with trust, estate and tax issues after the death of a parent or spouse.

These are just a few examples of the personal interest and attention we bring in our engagement with our clients.  In each of these examples, there are many elements to consider, choices to be made, and consequences of those decisions to be understood.  Our focus is to go through the process to select the best options, to arrive at the most favorable outcome for our client.  Out of many possible pieces, we select only the most fitting to complete the puzzle. 

So that’s what we mean by The Jansey Solution.  It’s not the same cookie cutter solution for everyone.  The Jansey Solution is the solution that is custom tailored for each one of our clients.